The Africa – Canada Chamber of Commerce (ACCC) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Montreal – Canada. It was created in 1983 with the primary mission of promoting trade and investment between Canada and African countries.
Africa is attracting more and more world powers given its enormous potential in various resources; natural, human, etc. It is therefore imperative that this Chamber serve as a bridge between this growing continent and Canada.
Membership in the chamber is done in Canada and Africa from its main office and through its satellite branches and / or collaborators.
Our daily activities consist of promoting trade and investment between Canada and Africa. Among the sectors of activities which are the subject of our interventions, we can cite without limitation energy, oil and gas, chemicals, mining, agriculture, health care, education , aerospace, services, IT, technology, finance, metals, logistics & transportation, and infrastructure development.


“To Promotion and Create Trade and Investment Opportunities between Canada and African Countries”

We understand the art of doing business in both Canada and continent wide Africa. Canada is advanced and Africa is advancing. Our team constitute the real Ambassadors for both economies.


“Become the privileged interlocutor of all actors (public and private sector) interested in business opportunities in Africa and Canada.”


  • * To provide members with trade and investment information, partners, and potential customers.
  • * To present unique marketing ideas and resources to our members
  • * To establishing partnerships with other related organizations and plan trade and investment programs.
  • * To offer education and training for small and medium size businesses and to identify opportunities in all industry sectors
  • * To organizing trade missions between Canada and African countries
  • * To educate the public on Africa business and trade advantages
  • * Support for African trade and investment with governments and other related organisations.


  • * Respect

  • * Team Spirit

  • * Professionalism

  • * Endurance

Why Join The Africa-Canada Chamber of Commerce

Membership with the Africa-Canada Chamber gives you access to two continents, 55 countries and unlimited opportunities.




1.2 Billion